Arm-Mounted TV Accessories

Articulating Swing Arms, Power Supply’s and Accessories for Healthcare Grade Arm-Mounted Televisions. 

Arm-Mounted TV Features

The JA80 E articulating swing arm was made to support the healthcare grade personal televisions. The internal braking system ensures that the arm stays put. The powdered finish is easy to clean, and the low-profile hardware is attractive and less likely to catch on any clothing, bedding, or instruments. The optional arm halo provides 360° protection and allows a TV & Arm to be moved without putting stress on the TV unit. The JA80 E uses a premium, flexible braided coaxial cable that increases life expectancy and reduces long-term cost.


Works with most healthcare rated personal TVs.


Braided shield & stranded conductor improve durability, extend life and protect against signal degradation.


We’ve matched the LG pantone tan color so Arm TV accessories match your existing devices.


Works with existing cable networks. The JM80 E can use its pass-through capability to run Ethernet or RF from your existing system to your TV.


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JA80 E

Universal Swing Arm, works with most healthcare rated LG & PDI Personal TVs.



10 Tap Power Supply designed for facilities with multiple arm-mounted TVs.



Wall mount with 24VDC switching power supply. Provides power over coax for one TV. 


JM80 E

Use your existing cable network, the JM80 E uses pass-through to run ethernet or RF to your device.

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