High-Definition Televisions

Top Rated Eco-Friendly HDTV’s


Our HDTV ‘s are the perfect home entertainment package in one slimline and sleek Eco-friendly Television unit, backed by the Continu.us 1 year guarantee.

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Neon TV


The Neon LED TV with built-in ambient back lighting.
The built-in ambient back lighting adds a touch of ambiance to your viewing experience.

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The Clearview HDTV  features a state-of-the-art transparent polycarbonate frame. This LED HDTV delivers 720p 60Hz resolution on a  wide screen monitor.

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The Easiest Remote Ever.

Say goodbye to complicated TV remotes! The EasyMote is all you need to take control of both your TV and cable box, with a sleek, handheld design featuring 6 large, backlit buttons for easy use, even in the dark. The strong wrist strap ensures you never misplace it, and Quick Search makes syncing it with your TV just a matter of seconds.


Learn why our EasyMote is ideal for anyone that isn’t tech savy.


Easy to Clean. Easy to Program.

The PC101 EasyClean Big Button is a universal TV remote control with a focus on ease-of-use and durability. With a water-resistant design and easily cleanable surface, it’s the perfect remote for home use, especially for those who want a simple and effective solution. Whether you’re watching TV or streaming content on a variety of devices, the PC101 has your needs covered. 

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Television Accessories

Top Rated Wall Mounts and Antennas

Wall Mounts

Our wall mounts make TV mounting a breeze. Enjoy your favorite shows and movies with ease using our simple and easy-to-use mounting solutions.

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5G TV Filter

Remove interference caused by new 5G and LTE signals.
This allows you to enjoy a more stable viewing experience on your TV.

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RV Antennas

Experience clear, high-definition TV signal on the go with our RV TV antennas. Compact and easy to install, it’s the perfect travel companion.

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TV Antennas

Say goodbye to cable bills and hello to free high-definition channels with our TV antenna. It’s easy to set up and delivers crystal clear picture.

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