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Digital Photo Frame

Share Photos Instantly

Put a smile on the face of your loved ones by sending them photos and personalize their frame. Capture any moment and share instantly! The RCA frame is extremely easy to use and designed for people of all ages.

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See why our RCA Digital Frame makes the perfect gift for loved ones!


WIFI Enabled LED Light Strips

The Underglow WIFI LED strips come in an all-in-one packet containing 80” of LED’s in 4 easy-to-connect strips, IR remote with battery, WIFI smart controller, power supply and wire extension.


Check out the versititly of our Underglow LED lights strips.

High-Definition Televisions

Top Rated Eco-Friendly HDTV’s


Our HDTV ‘s are the perfect home entertainment package in one slimline and sleek Eco-friendly Television unit, backed by the Continu.us 1 year guarantee.

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 Our 12-Volt television includes an extra durable  LED screen with a crystal-clear picture and cinema-quality sound, perfect for those weekend breaks or vacation.

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The Clearview HDTV  features a state-of-the-art transparent polycarbonate frame. This LED HDTV delivers 720p 60Hz resolution on a  wide screen monitor. 

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The Healthcare LED HDTV Bundle includes  the HDTV, Wall Mounted Arm & Power Supply. Perfect for Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and other healthcare facilities. 

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Take a look at our entire inventory of HDTV’s.


The Easiest Remote Ever.

The EasyMote is a smart remote with learning capabilities, meaning you can teach it custom commands from your original TV or Cable Box remote.


Learn why our EasyMote is ideal for anyone that isn’t tech savy.


Easy to Clean. Easy to Program.

The EasyClean TV remote is an ergonomically designed, smart, learning, universal remote controller for everyday television use.

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Learn how easy it is to disinfect and clean your EasyClean.

Television Accessories

Top Rated Wall Mounts and Antennas

Wall Mounts

Mounting your TV to the wall has never been more simple than with our mounts.

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No need to aim the antenna towards the strongest signal, it will pick up a strong signal from all sides. 

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