Healthcare Series

The newest addition to the RCA Healthcare suite. Perfect for outpatient facilities, nursing homes, and dental offices.


Healthcare Series 14” HDTV with Arm Mount

RCA 14” Healthcare LED HDTV Bundle, Arm Mounted Hospital TV. Bundle Includes TV, Wall Mounted Arm & Power Supply. Pro:Idiom, MPEG4, LED, Outpatient Renal Care, Nursing Home, Dialysis Care.


Power over COAX cable and cannot plug into a wall outlet.

High Performance

The new 14” personal LCD screen with ultra wide viewing angle and touch screen control.

Headphone Capability

Dual replaceable headphone jack. Field replaceable headphone Jack

USB Capability

USB charger for Smart Phone and Tablet as well as having USB Cloning Capability and Playback to view JPG photos and listen to MP3s.

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14″ HDTV with Wall Mount Arm & Power Supply

14″ MPEG4 Pro:Idiom Arm Mounted Television. This listing includes 14″ television, Arm, Power supply, and wall mount enclosure.

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3-in-1 Healthcare TV 

The new 14” personal, MPEG4 Pro:idiom TV (J14HV840) is the newest addition to the RCA Healthcare suite. Designed as a 3-in-1 TV, consumers have the versatility to mount it on an ¬ex arm for healthcare use (as shown here), set it on a dresser, or mount it to the wall.

Touch Screen A/V Control

High performance LCD screen with ultra wide viewing angle.

USB Charging Station

USB charger for phones and tablets. Cloning or playback capable.

Powered Coaxial Cable

Power over COAX, cannot plug into a wall outlet.

Dual Headphone Jack

Dual replaceable headphone jack for easy repair and clean. 

TV Arm and Wall Mount

Spec Sheet

This bundle includes 14” Healthcare LED TV (J14HV840), TV Mount Arm (JA80), Power Supply and Wall Mount (JPS24D).

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