Underglow WiFi Enabaled Expansion Kit by Continu.us

Underglow WiFi Enabaled Expansion Kit by Continu.us


Underglow Extension Kit

Millions of Colors Controlled by You

Accessory Kit for UG80RGBW. This kit adds 120″ to your starter kit. This kit also includes additional adapters and an extension cable.

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The ambient, elegant glow can be controlled by turning the brightness up or down on the Magic Home Pro app. Completely change the atmosphere with Underglow. Control your LED strip lights using the Magic Home Pro app. Simple and easy to use. It is available for free download on the app store on both IOS and Android. Turn your home into a dance floor in a matter of seconds by syncing the Underglow to music.



Features of the Underglow Extension Kit

This extension package is used with the UG80RGBW starter kit to extend the starter kits 6 feet of light to 16.5 feet. You must have the starter kit to use this extension pack as this kit cannot be used without it.

Included in this kit is 6 RGBW LED Light strips, one 36” extension cable, two 90 degree adapters, one “T” adapter and four male to male adapters. You can do so much with this pack and it will extend your current starter pack from 6 feet to 16.5 feet in length.

There is no funny business with this pack, it is simple to connect and extend. Simply connect the new LED strips to the ones you already have connected. That is it! No loopholes and no programming necessary. Peel, stick, plug and enjoy!

Compatible with ALEXA, Echo, IFTTT and Google Assistant you can program your lights to turn on using simple voice commands. If you are watching a movie and want to turn down the lights, simply speak up and turn your lights off. Convenience at its finest!

We are available to help you from anywhere, anytime. Our office is located in the US, and our friendly technical staff are always on hand to help you, no matter what the issue.


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