Underglow Water Resistant Clips by Continu.us

Underglow Water Resistant Clips by Continu.us


Underglow Clips

Weatherproof Connector Clip Kit

Connector Clips are used to connect clipped Underglow LED strip lights together. When you cut a strip with a scissors, use these clips to splice, make turns, or do multiple runs.

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The Underglow lights can be installed anywhere, and adds a humbling glow to any surface. Stick the light strip to the surface you want to light, connect it to the control box and power supply, and control with the included remote. It couldn’t be simpler! The true beauty of Underglow is that you can expand, or shorten the length of the strip you are installing. The lights come as a 6 foot length which consists of smaller strips that can easily be unplugged from the other, or new strips added on.

Features of the Underglow Clip Kit

Cut your strip, prepare the end and insert into the clip connector, press connector to snap together.

(2) 90 degree
(1) T
(1) 4-Way
(12) Male to Male Connectors

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Dimensions 8.25 × 8.25 × 5.5 in